Photos of Leigh-Ann,students and horses

We lost our amaing Amanda to cancer aug. of 2016. She is missed every day. Amanda is a Hanoverian mare, her father is a very well known stallion Graf Gotthard from The Hanoverian G-Line. She has some famous family members such as Graf George who has been on the USA Olympic Team. When Amanda came in to our lives she was at Hap Hansen farm in Rancho Santa Fe CA. with her half brother Graf George at the very same barn. We got very lucky finding her and it was love at first sight. Amanda and I went on went on and had a very successful showing career, winning many hunter year end championships with SNHJA, did great in the dressage arena, but the jumpers is where we did our best in the show world. Now Amanda in a bit older and suffers with a injury in her hoof called Navicular, she can no longer jump the large jumps she did in the past, but that's not going to stop her from being a great horse. She is a very talented,sweet,kind,loving horse. Because we have such a great bond together she makes the perfect horse for me to give lessons on. Weight limit for riding Amanda is 180 pounds

Information about Leigh-Ann

Leigh-Ann has been riding,showing and training horses since 1992 at the age of 11. Learning how to ride at a large barn Silk Purse Ranch. She had many trainers, rode and helped train many horses. She was always a hard worker, working to earn her lesson as a working student. Later becoming a Groom for many riders at Silk Purse Ranch. later in her life she became a nanny, worked in child care and became a PreSchool Teacher, Earning the Teacher of the year award in 2005. She had found a passion for teaching, it is only natural that she has put both of her passions together. Teaching people how to ride is in her blood.

Our Barn ready for Christmas

Zoe and Hank

Our Barn ready for Christmas

9/10/2011 Horse Show

Leigh-Ann and MaryElizabeth Knott winning big at a show

having some down time with the kids

show time

Amanda in jumper mode

Miss Zoe walking Amanda

Glory we miss you

working hard

bath time

Zoe, Khyla and pepper

Congratulations to Lego and his Mount Hayley for a job well done at his very first show

Leigh-Ann riding Amanda
Leigh-Ann and Amanda

Kate getting Amanda ready for a lesson

Dominique and Amanda looking great

Zoe working really hard at the barn and doing a great job on Amanda

Tiffany and our loving Glory

Leigh-Ann's first horse, Pinocchio

Leigh-Ann and Amanda

Leigh-Ann and McKenzy