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My phone number has changed ..If you can not reach me by phone please email me at leighanngue@gmail.com lessons are given by Appointments only Please

I offer Private English Horseback Riding Lessons, Specializing in beginner lessons for children riders, basic skills of Hunter Jumper, Equitation, flat work and dressage basics. I give lessons at a small private riding facility in Las Vegas area near the South Strip. Lesson horse or pony available, all lessons are private lessons, children 5 years old and older welcome(Weight limit for riding is 170 pounds). Appointments only Please.

Our barn, and the riding program I run is designed for people who are, and want to be long term dedicated equestrian riders. If you are looking for a one time ride or a trail ride I may not be the riding facility for you. If you are looking for a high end showing facility I may not be the barn for you but I work closely with some great show facilities I can recommend a barn that would fit your needs. My barn is kind of the middle ground a great place to start your horseback riding education.

Please note... for your safety all riders will start riding on a lunge line or a lead rope. All riders will ride on a lunge line until riders can gain confidence, learn how to develop a proper seat, hands and to learn how to control of the horse, at the walk, trot and canter. Lunging is a great tool used in lessons. . Riding does take a long time to master take your time and stick with it. By riding as much as you can the faster you will learn.

I have been riding, training and showing horses for over 20 years. I have also been a preschool teacher for the majority of my adult life. I have found a great balance in life I love teaching children how to ride horses. My goal is to provide you a safe, fun, and stress free atmosphere so you can enjoy learning how to ride and care for horses. When you take lessons you will learn how to be safe around horses, how to lead and handle horses, how to groom, tack up, how to keep a horse healthy and happy, and of course you will learn the fundamental skills of horseback riding that will make you a great rider, Learning how to use your riding aids in a effective way, If you are already a rider and you would like to improve your riding skills lessons are the place to start. Riding is a great way to stay fit and is supported by weightwatchers.

There should always be open lines of communication, trust, ultimate loyalty and devotion between riders, trainer and horse. If you are unhappy or have questions about lessons please talk about it tell me your long term plans, my job is to help you with everything.

Horseback Riding is a sport One of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse and trainer. As with any soprt,The more you ride the more you will learn.

Pricing of Lessons & Packages

Introductory Lesson


One-time lesson that covers equestrian basics and is offered to give newcomers 5-18 years of age an opportunity to evaluate if horseback riding is a sport they would be interested in pursuing, and this is a great opportunity to be introduced to Leigh-Ann and the barn. This lesson includes lesson horse and tack 15+ minutes of riding time and 10 minutes of grooming time. (this lesson is NOT designed for birthday parties) for your first lesson and all lessons you will need to wear long pants, riding boots, and helmet (you can use mine till you get your own) are required.

CLICK HERE WC Equestrain is a local tack store that will have all the attire you will need.

Single Private Lesson $50.00

Lesson includes lesson horse and tack, Riding time and grooming 1hr

Monthly Training Packages

Package I


Monthly Training Includes 4 private lessons $180.00.
1 lesson a week for 4 weeks. *Please email for full info- Leighanngue@gmail.com*

all lessons must be used with in 1 months time, All Package must be paid in full before the package will start.

Package II

If you would like to get the most out of lessons and would like to ride 2-5 days a week I have Other Lesson Offers and prices Please Call or email for more info I prefer email, you may get a faster reply due to my sometimes odd business hours.

I suggest to everyone if you can not commit to riding 1 day or more a week for 4-5 weeks in a row, do not buy a package of riding lesson, instead pay for single lessons.

Schedule your Lesson Today!

Lesson day/times may vary according to season and weather. Please plan ahead so I can schedule all lessons appropriately.

All lessons and Package must be paid in full before the single lessons or package will Start. All Packages must be used in a 30 day period from time of purchase. LESSONS ARE NON REFUNDABLE I ask that you cancel your riding lesson at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson otherwise you will be charged for the full price of that missed lesson.

PLEASE Email me @ Leighanngue@gmail.com

Riding lessons make great gifts

Gift certificates available

Pay with PayPal,Venmo, Cash or Checks

Please read our Barn Rules before you come ride with us

For your safety and for the safety of Our horses

I want to make coming to our barn a positive and SAFE experience. This is a family atmosphere we have a lot of very young children at the barn that we need to keep SAFE .... all rules will be enforced. Thank you for working with me.

    All Lessons once scheduled Require 24hr, very least 12 hours Cancellation Notice or you will be charged for lesson.

  • All riding and horse handling is done at your own risk
  • I do have right to refuse service
  • Be on time to your lesson being late to your lesson causes an inconvenience to your fellow riders and instructor who need to maintain a punctual schedule.
  • If you need to cancel your lesson, please be courteous and contact your instructor 24 hours in advance. you may be charged for lesson if you are no show no call.
  • It is your responsibility to schedule lessons keeping in mind if you don't book a lessons ahead of time your instructor may not have room for you to ride.
  • ASTM/SEI hard hats are required at all times when riding. riding pants, tucked in shirts,half chaps, tall fild or dress boots, paddock boots with a half inch heel are required at all times when riding or grooming (NO cowboy boots NO tennis shoes please)your instructor has right to refuse service if rider is not wearing the required attire.
  • Releases must be signed before anyone may handle or ride any horses.
  • Parents and visitors are welcome to observe students during their lesson by standing or sitting outside the arena and grooming area. Parents and visitors should not enter the arena/grooming area at any time, only to go to seats. No children allowed in the arena when horses are in the arena.
  • Please bring something to drink (water) for your self.
  • All riders and guest must wear shoes NO sandals, it's a barn with dirt, rocks, fire ants and flys in the summer.
  • Riders are responsible for their guest(s). All guests are expected to follow all of the barn Rules.
  • If someone is riding please be extra courteous, find a seat and watch. Watching other people ride is a great opportunity to learn.
  • Absolutely no running, climbing/standing on stalls/gates, shouting, cursing, or playing allowed.
  • Children MUST be supervised at all times by the person they come with.
  • For every ones safety, please do not allow children to play around the horses, or on ranch property or equipment.
  • Riders No cell phones/texting when working with horses/around horses.
  • Do not hand feed any horse. Treats may be given in the feed bowl or on the ground. This keeps fingers from being mistaken as treats.
  • Please leave all other pets at the barn alone, and they will leave you alone.
  • Please do not bring your dogs or any other pets. We cannot guarantee that it will be safe to leave your pet in your vehicle we do not allow visiting dogs and pets on our property, leashed or otherwise.
  • Be a good example. Pick up after yourselves and your horses if your horse make a mess, clean it up. -- (Hair, manure, hoof pickings, etc.)
  • Throw all garbage in the garbage cans.
  • Keep the tack room clean and your belongings put away neatly.
  • Don't leave horses/children unattended on cross ties.
  • Keep all gates closed and latched.
  • Weight limit for riding is 170 pounds


All rules and regulations are subject to change.

Remember: Horses are extremely large animals, which means that they can hurt you without maliciously trying.

See you all soon!

Proper Attire for Horseback Riding lessons

  • Hair pulled back in a very low ponytail with hair clips or a hair net if needed
  • T-shirt tucked in
  • Riding gloves
  • ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet (All ages MUST wear a helmet some are available to use how ever it is best if you own your own helmet)
  • Breeches or long full length jeans
  • Boots - Half Chaps, tall fild or dress boots, paddock boots with a half inch heel are required (must have boot with heel to ride for saftey reasons. NO cowboy boots NO tennis shoes please)
  • It's always a good idea to bring drinking water

WC Equestrain is a local tack store that will have all the english riding attire you will need.

CLICK HERE to Read more about riding apparel...

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Please always wear a Helmet when on horseback

A Helmet Can Save Your Life, visit Troxelhelmets.com to learn more about helmet saftey